Game Center CX 9 “Three Konami Masterpieces” Konami


Not just soccer fans and gamers, but many others have become hooked on Winning Eleven.

You can listen to secret stories about the development of the game and the production of Silent Hill.

In the Challenge Corner, Arino takes on Konami’s masterpiece in a three-game match.


point worthy of note

The highlight of the film is the story of Shingo Takatsuka, who was involved in the development of the now popular soccer game Winning Eleven.

How did he rise from a position of being a helper in the creation of Winning Eleven to the top of the game’s development team?

Also, there was a good reason for Winning Eleven to be so popular!

Arino’s corner where he takes on three of Konami’s masterpieces is also a must-see.


KONAMI CORPORATION was established in 1973 as a manufacturer of amusement software.

Subsequently, the company expanded into video game software development, releasing a series of hit titles including Gradius, Castlevania, Ganbare Goemon, Kontura Contra and JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU.

Many of these titles were enthusiastically received by fans and were later made into series.

In addition, music games such as Beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution, which caused a new trend in the industry, became a huge movement, attracting not only traditional game fans but also new demographics such as women and children.

Millions of titles that shook the industry, such as Winning Eleven and Metal Gear Solid, have crossed oceans and are now loved by people around the world.

In this article, we take a closer look at Konami, a popular game maker that has been at the forefront of the game industry for many years.

Creator’s Interview

Before the interview, Arino said that Konami had actually released the Yoinoko game.

The fact that they couldn’t tell us the sales of the game means…

Takatsuka Shingo.

The creator of Winning Eleven.

Winning Eleven

Winning Eleven has revolutionized the world of soccer games by thoroughly pursuing the realism of soccer.

With each game in the series, the reality of the game gets closer and closer to the real thing, and the game’s popularity continues to grow as it does.

Winning Eleven 7 achieved the feat of selling a million copies in just three weeks.


In this article, we take a look at Winning Eleven, which has become a must-have item for game-loving football fans from one of the football games.

About Shingo Takatsuka

He joined Konami in 1991.

He was involved in several titles, and later served as the general producer of the Winning Eleven series.

Did you like football?

Arino asks if he was always interested in soccer.

Takatsuka says that he wasn’t actually that interested in soccer, and his knowledge of the sport was below that of an amateur.

Takatsuka says he wasn’t interested in soccer.

How did you approach the creation of the game?

Differences from previous soccer games

When I joined the game, it was quite normal to attack a soccer game by yourself at kick-off and shoot, and the keeper would be able to take a shot from a meter away.

That’s what Takatsuka thought at the time.

I don’t play football, but this is not right.

Takatsuka says he wasn’t really interested in soccer, but he’s always liked sports games.

He said he played Famista and Moe Pro like crazy with his friends.

First it was help.

Takatsuka was not initially the director of Winning Eleven.

How did he come to be in charge?

Initially, he joined the team during the production of Winning Eleven, and it seems that he was in a position to help out at first.

The game was almost complete by then, and Takatsuka was the programmer in charge of the title screen and other programs.

However, the content of the game was just as boring as any other soccer game.

So, despite his position as a helper, Takatsuka told the director that the game was no good.

Because of these comments, it was decided to have Takatsuka do the next film.

This is the second film that Takatsuka put all of his attention into.

How was it received?

Evaluation of the second Wilette

This was the second Winning Eleven that he actually worked on himself.

It received terrible reviews.

This was because he had done what he wanted to do with what he had in mind, and ended up with an extremely difficult game.

The current version of Wilette is a game that’s been disrupted by that.

A difficult second game. This was a result of Takatsuka’s desire to have the players do everything on their own.

Takatsuka went on to say, “I wanted to do everything myself.

Takatsuka continued: “There’s a big difference between a pass made by myself and a pass made by the computer.

The joy of controlling everything by the player is the ultimate soccer game that Takatsuka is aiming for.

How did you get into the game industry?

I asked Arino how he got into the game industry, and why he joined Konami in the first place.

Surprisingly, he answered, “I saw a job offer in a game magazine, so I just went with it. He answered in a simple way.

Favorite game.

Takatsuka is said to have been in charge of porting Gradius II to the PC engine.

There was a reason for this, too.

A game was set up in the company for test play and other purposes, and employees could play it freely.

Takatsuka, who was fond of Gradius at the time, was apparently better at it than anyone else, and he was so good at it that he was the only one who could play many rounds of the game.

That seemed to be the impetus for him to become in charge of Gradius II.

That’s how good he was at shooting games.

The Truth About “Glimpses

In Wile, there is a system of glancing at a player.

When you are dribbling up the field, the dribbling player will look at the players in the middle of the pitch.

Incidentally, this glancing system increases the success rate of a pass.

Arino was surprised to find that he had never heard of such a detailed system in a game.

Is there a way to get a glimpse of this? Arino asked.

It can’t be done directly with a button or something like that to make you glimpse, but it seems to be automatically triggered at random when the conditions are met.

Some of these conditions are, for example, that the player who is dribbling is unmarked.

Arino wondered how he could come up with such a system.

But Takatsuka’s answer was both simple and profound.

“We just took what is done in real football,

Takatsuka’s motto is that he tries to incorporate not only super plays, but also details of even the crappy ones.

Here’s an actual glimpse of the scene.

It was definitely a glimpse.

The most important thing.

When asked what was the most important aspect of the game that can’t be seen elsewhere, Arino replied that it was the reproduction of the realism down to the smallest detail.

He said that he was particularly particular about the way the defender is held up by the defender.

Arino was also surprised to see the defender cowering when the ball hit his crotch.

Motion Capture Specifications

Motion capture was used for detailed and realistic movements.

Most of the time, the person in charge of this project was working alone to recreate all the movements.

When Arino asked what kind of players were using motion capture to reproduce the realistic movements, he was surprised to find out that it was just one programmer.

Arino laughed, “You let a programmer play soccer all day?

Do you make the programmers watch videos when you make motions for certain people? When asked if he could do it without looking, he said he could do it without looking.

If someone asked him to imitate Shunsuke, I could do it, too,” he said, and in fact, Takatsuka himself filmed the motions up to Wile 6 or so.

But, “Did you do it well? In response to Arino’s question

He drew laughter when he replied, “It didn’t go very well.

About the Players

When asked who his favorite player was, Takatsuka said Mitchell Salgado.

‘It’s not quite the same, but do you ever think about improving your ability here? When asked if he had any, he replied, “Not at all.

He said he wanted to recreate some crappy abilities because he liked them.

The hardships of the real world

All of the live performances are handled by John Kabila.

He is recording all year round.

The reason for this is because the number of players is increasing and the number of situations per person needs to be varied.

Hard days.

There’s one sequential number with a number in the title every year, and they also release an international version of the game, so they’re working on two new Wilets a year.

Takatsuka himself must have dedicated his life to this project, and it must be such a tough job.

Arino vs. Takatsuka Uilet Showdown

This time, Arino will be competing against Takatsuka in the then newest title, Wile 7 International.

First of all, they have chosen their teams.

Arino’s team is Shamartin, and Takatsuka’s team is West London Blue.

Finally, the game kicks off.

As Takatsuka is carefully teaching Arino how to operate the buttons, he fouls out of nowhere.

It was a foul on Arino, who was sent off for a single shot.

Arino was forced to play with 10 men early on.

Arino’s foul earned Takatsuka a free kick.

Takatsuka scores the free kick.

Arino conceded the first goal in just one minute.

That’s the developer. Arizuka’s fingerwork was far superior to that of Arino.

Takatsuka never stopped attacking.

The goal difference opened up as the game went on.

At the end of the first half, the score was 4 to 0.

Would the game end with no score?

Then in the second half, Arino had a chance to score.

He centered it and went for a goal, but…

It hit the bar inexplicably and did not score.

However, a mistake by Takatsuka led to a chance to attack.

However, Arino missed it with no mark.

The game ended with no score.

The result was 4 to 0.

What it takes to be a game creator.

When asked what it takes to be a game creator, Takatsuka said it’s being stupid in a good way and being enthusiastic.

‘I’m going to make money! The guy who came in with “I’m not allowed to do that. The idea of “let me make an interesting game for free” works.

What does the game mean to you, Takatsuka?

The game is the spice that gives life its flavor.

Akira Yamaoka

The creator of Silent Hill.

silent hill

A horror adventure game.

The Silent Hill series is extremely popular with fans because of its horror movie-like scenario, grotesque graphics that add to the sense of fear, and realistic sounds.

There are many horror games that only pursue a pretense of being scary, but this game pursues a sense of psychological terror by setting situations in familiar scenes and making the main character vulnerable.

The game also has enhanced elements of mystery solving, breaking new ground in horror games.

About Noboru Yamaoka

He is a sound creator and producer.

He joined Konami as a sound creator.

In addition to composing music for the “Beat Mania” series, he also worked as a production producer for the “Silent Hill” series.

The Concept of Silent Hill

Originally, there are a lot of horror games out there, but we wanted to create a game with a flavor that could not be found anywhere else.

It seems that a group of staff members who love horror movies got together to create a unique horror game.

An obsession with fear.

Yamaoka said he didn’t want to make a straightforwardly scary scene in each scene, but rather kept the flow of events in mind.

Arino asked him absentmindedly, “Aren’t you scared while you’re making it? I asked.

‘If it wasn’t scary, I’d make it until it was.’

Yamaoka replied that, and went on to say that he had also made it so that 100 people could say, “100 people, this is scary.

Commitment to Character

Arino had one question.

‘The main character, Heather, isn’t that pretty, is she?

Arino wondered why he didn’t make it cuter, to which Yamaoka replied, “Because it’s easier to draw the story, but more importantly, it’s easier for users to relate to it.

It’s partly because it’s easier to draw the story, but most of all, it’s easier for the user to relate to it.

Arino was convinced by this answer.

Incidentally, I had heard that he had originally intended to make her a beautiful woman, but he said that he had intended to make her an ordinary person from the beginning.

On the contrary, he said that when he made a beautiful woman, it was rejected.

Silent Hill 4 The Room
Silent Hill 4

This time it takes place in a room.

The protagonist Henry Townsend wakes up from a nightmare and finds himself trapped in the apartment he lives in.

The setting is completely different from the previous films, but the fears escalate further.

The Fear of Silent Hill 4

The inside of your own home is supposed to be the safest place you can be.

What would happen if that place was eroded by fear?

Yamaoka says that he was able to create a scarier effect in that fear, from which there was no escape, than ever before.

The appeal of game music

Yamaoka says he got into the industry because he wanted to make game sounds.

Arino asks, “Didn’t you set out to be a musician? I ask.

Because games are an interactive medium, unlike movies, they are not all predetermined one-way streets from the start, and things change depending on the user’s choices.

He likes the fact that the fun of framing sound in such an unpredictable place can only be found in games.

Favorite game.

When Arino asked Yamaoka what his favorite game was, he got a surprising answer: “Spelunker” and “Pajamaru-kun”.

The answer was surprising: “Spelunker” and “Jajamaru-kun”.

Not only Arino, but Yamaoka was puzzled by the fact that the games do not seem to have any similarities to Silent Hill.

What Game Creators Need to Know

When asked what is necessary for game creators, Yamaoka immediately answered “communication”.

He said that talking to people is especially important.

What does a game mean to Akira Yamaoka?

The game is a part of life.

I told him that it is no longer the same thing as food and clothing.

Other Interviews

Arino takes a closer look at the Konami Hotline, which has been a great help to him on a daily basis.

The Konami Hotline is a customer service center for Konami products.

They are happy to help you with any questions you may have about games.

Yamamura Toshiyuki

Mr. Yamamura, who is in charge of the Customer Service Department, interviewed me.

Arino’s Experience

Arino had also helped him with a question about a certain software before.

So Arino wondered.

‘Does the consulting room have it all in their heads?’

That’s not true, but at the time, he said, he had a full set of documents, but sometimes he was answering from the memory and experience of the person in charge.

When Arino used to use the service before, he was told to wait for about 20 minutes and then he received a firm response.


I don’t know how many days it took me to do this in 20 minutes.

According to Yamamura, he was ready to research and answer the questions at that time.

Furthermore, he says that as long as you know the point, you can answer the questions rather quickly.

It doesn’t say that if you don’t understand something in the game, you can ask for help, does it? Arino asked.

It’s commonplace in this day and age, but they don’t accept inquiries about game strategy.

It seems that they used to answer such questions in the past.

However, the number of inquiries has increased and they are no longer able to respond to them.

Discussion of the time memo

Do you still get a lot of questions about Tokimeki Memorial, Nii-chan? When asked if he was a dense person, Yamamura replied, “Yes, there are a lot of dense people.

Yamamura’s most memorable consultation was at Tokimeki Memorial, where he was asked about his character’s three sizes.

‘Can you answer that?’ Arino asked.

‘I can answer that,’ Yamamura replied.

Arino laughed when he found out that the film depicted his high school life, and that he has actually grown up over the years.

The challenge of Konami’s masterpiece.

This year’s game is a three-game challenge of some of Konami’s classic software titles.

The first one, “Yee Al Kung Fu,

Arino is a little excited about his first flip for the show.

Indeed, to this day, we rarely see any flips.

The first challenge is Yee Al Kung Fu.

Yi Al-Kung Fu

A competitive action game that can be considered the starting point of today’s fighting games.

It was immensely popular in the arcades and made its long-awaited appearance on the NES.

Many boys were fascinated by it.

This time, Arino challenged the bonus stage located between the 3rd and 4th planes.

He intercepted all 10 fans and swords coming out of the left and right sides of the stage, aiming for a special bonus of 5,000 points.

Above all, he must clear the first three stages first.

First up is the first stage, where he has to face off against the stickman, Wang.

He cleared the stage.

Next, move on to the second stage.

His opponent was the fire-breathing Tao.

Unfortunately, he was beaten.

Arino: Are you not good at fighting games too?

Ten minutes later, I somehow managed to complete the second side of the game.

The next stage is the third one, which is close to the bonus stage.

The opponent is Chen, a chain user.

He’s a tough opponent with long chains.

He also moves fast and is strong in close combat.

ArinoAfter this, you still couldn’t capture the chain wielder’s Chen.

You can’t even get to the bonus stage.

After that, he persisted and finally cleared the third stage.

Finally, he tried the bonus stage for the first time.

However, Arino was immediately beaten.

He pulled himself together and tried again.

After this, the results were still unsuccessful.

Out of the ten fans and swords that come out, Arino was able to clear only four of them.

Two hours have passed since the challenge, but there has been no improvement.

Arino, who was not making much progress, was told by the staff that it was time for the last round.

Will he be able to make it?

In the end, I failed.

The first attempt was a daring failure.

The second one, “Gladius

The second challenge was to take on the classic shooter “Gradius”.


An immensely popular side-scrolling shooting game.

The presence of various hidden features, such as hidden bonuses based on terrain, became a hot topic of conversation among the core players.

This time, the goal is to achieve three hidden features.

The hidden feature on the first side is a volcanic area.

If you touch the hollow volcano in the middle of the feature, you will receive a bonus of 5,000 points.

ArinoTake the challenge right away.

Finally, you get to the hollow volcano in question.

Then, I cleared it without any difficulty.

The next hidden feature is to touch a certain part of the diamond rock that also appears on the first surface to get 1up.

After 10 minutes, the Diamond Rock is finally found.

What is it?

Arino accidentally cleared the second hidden feature as well.

The last hidden feature is a big core that appears on two sides. If you destroy the big core within two seconds of it glowing blue, you can warp to the next two sides.

Will Arino be able to complete the challenge he has been longing for?

But it fails.

He couldn’t even reach the big core on the first side, let alone the second side.

Arino was doomed, but he remembered that one.

“Up, up, down, down, left, right, right, left, right, B, A.

Yes, Konami Command.

Arino’s quintessence is to use backstage techniques without shame.

Arino, who even used a secret technique, will be able to clear it with ease?

I thought…

Arino, using Konami commands, cannot clear even the first side.

Arino loses his will to fight.

Arino is given one last warning by the staff.


I managed to clear the first side.

I’ll take my last chance!

Unfortunately, they get hit.


I’m losing like a son of a bitch.

Third “Hyper Olympics” NES

The third challenge is the Hyper Olympics.


A legendary sports game that sent children of the time into a frenzy.

The 100-meter run, the long jump, the 110-meter hurdles, and the javelin throw.

The final challenge was to break the game record in all four events.

They prepared for the challenge right away.


It’s so nostalgic!

He tried from the 100m run.

However, he suddenly flies out of the race.

I regrouped and started first.

The result was a very slow time of 13 seconds.

What to do, Arino?

And here he decides to “scrape”.

Then, he leads by a large margin over his rivals.

However, he couldn’t bear the heat of his fingertips and let go of his hand.

Nevertheless, he managed to break the game record with a time of 9.75 seconds, which was enough to complete the 100m attempt.

The 100m challenge was now complete.

The next challenge was the long jump.

The next challenge is the long jump, which has two main points.

The speed at which you run and the 45 degree angle.

Arino tried again and again, but he was too worried about the angle and could not find the right moment to jump.

Arino’s record did not improve at all.

He was stunned.

Then, the staff handed him something.

This is the legendary ruler that the children of the time had devised.


We have to win the third one at all costs.

Arino found a good position for the ruler.

First, he decided to test the power of the ruler in the 100m run.

It was an 8-second mark.

The power of the ruler was amazing.

Then, it was time for the long jump.

Although he was fouled, he showed a tremendous leap.


That was a hell of a jump!

Achieved a huge record of over 9 meters.

He also achieved a challenge in the long jump.

The third event was the 110m hurdles.

Will he be able to do it?

What a surprise, I fell down in the middle of the race, but I achieved the record with ruler power.

At the end, he throws a yari.

Arino is cautious.

Can he really achieve it?

A dominantly long shot.

Arino finally broke the game record in all four events.

And the result of his three challenges…

Hyper-Olympics is ruled a minus sign and the challenge fails.


You have half a ruler…

Konami Masterpiece Collection

Konami Masterpieces 1

1985 “Antarctic Adventure” Famicom

An action game in which you drive a cute penguin to various bases in Antarctica.

You can adjust your speed while considering the time limit, which is similar to a racing game.

1986 “Twinbee” NES

Take control of the twin bees and attack your enemies by using bells for power-ups.

When playing at the same time as Wimby, players can hold hands or line up vertically to create powerful attacks.


Start with 10 planes.

When you press the start button, press the top and right of controller I or II, then press and hold the A button until the game starts.

1986 “Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Dojo” NES

The original of Konami’s popular character Goemon.

Action game in which you collect passerby bills and aim for the goal.

1987 “Gekifu-Magaden” (NES)

An action RPG in which the protagonist, Kazuma, heads out to defeat the dragon and bone demons that have awakened from the hell realm in order to restore peace on earth.

1987 “Metal Gear” NES

An action game in which the main character, Solid Snake, infiltrates enemy territory and carries out his mission.

An excellent game that makes good use of the element of hiding.

1988 “Konami Wai Wai World” Famicom

An action game featuring a collection of popular Konami characters.

You must rescue and join the characters trapped in six worlds by the evil Walder’s conspiracy.

1990 “Super Kon-Tura” (NES)

The second installment of the popular action game in which players try to defeat an alien army bent on stalking the Earth.

The unexpected gameplay and colorful graphics make this game even more exciting than its predecessor, which was considered a masterpiece, and many fans were enthralled by the game’s content.

Konami Masterpieces 2

1989 “Castlevania: The Legend of Castlevania” (NES)

This is the third title in Konami’s popular Dracula series.

The excellent stage configuration and beautiful sound, as well as the perfect level of difficulty to create the right amount of tension, amazed fans at the time.


sound test

On the title screen, press A and B in I and press Start.

Use the up and down crosshairs to select a song and press B.

1990 “Quotes” NES

A puzzle game in which players shoot frames at blocks falling from above to make them into squares and erase them.

It is a novel idea, but its simple gameplay, which anyone can enjoy, has made it a hot topic of conversation with many people getting hooked.

1990 “Madara” NES

An authentic RPG based on the popular comic Maddala.

The vast fields and exotic music further stimulate the user’s sense of adventure.

In 1990, “Parodius! video game system (from family computer)

A popular shooting game, literally parodying Gradius.

The game became a huge hit due to the essence of laughter sprinkled throughout and the comical music based on classical music.

1991 “Lagrange Point” NES

A near-future SFRPG about a coup d’état on a space colony.

Special sound source chips were loaded in ROM and FM sound source was used for the first time on the NES.

A soundtrack was also released.

1995 “Tokimeki Memorial” (PS)

A love simulation game that has become very popular and has stolen the hearts of boys all over Japan.

Throughout your three years in high school, you will make friends with all types of girls and wait for them to confess their feelings to you at the legendary tree house at the graduation ceremony.

1998 “Beatmania” PS

A rhythm action game that revolutionized the music game genre and was so popular that people had to wait in line at game centers across the country.

Yamaoka, who appeared in the game, also contributed some of the sound.

Konami Masterpieces (3)

1999 “Pawapurokun Pocket” Game Boy

A Game Boy version of the popular baseball game JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU featuring the success mode.

Now that the game has been ported to mobile hardware, it is possible to train the players.

1999 “Pawapurokun Pocket” Game Boy

This is a dance simulation that has caused a boom among high school girls.

The goal is to get a high score by using your entire body and capturing the rhythm with dynamic steps.

2000 “Drum Mania” PS2

A drum action game that is highly acclaimed for its powerful sound and the ease with which anyone can experience drumming.

You can also play sessions with Guitar Freaks, which has become a hot topic in the arcade.

2003 “Castle Vania” PS2

The Castlevania series has been renamed Castle Vania and is now available on the PlayStation 2.

In addition to a wide variety of continuous whip action, the familiar subweapons have been further evolved for an exhilarating and brilliant finish.

Creator Quotes

Takatsuka Shingo.

The game is the spice that gives life its flavor.

Kaki Yamaoka

Games are a part of life.

How to watch the video?

DVD/CDの宅配レンタル【TSUTAYA DISCAS】 今なら無料でお試し!「ゲオ宅配レンタル」

Arino’s summary


Well, I met Mr. Takatsuka and Mr. Yamaoka this time.

I was surprised that neither of them had played many Konami games before.

Takatsuka-san likes Strike II, and Yamaoka-san plays Spelunker.

It’s true that both games are fun.

I know it’s hard to praise myself and this game.

If I were to say at home, it would be the same as saying that Tsurube is such a pussy.