Game Center CX No. 10 “Super Mario Bros. 2” Nintendo


In this issue, we’ll be focusing on the challenge corner and introducing the video content.

Arino takes on the challenge of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Can Arino clear this software, which is said to be very difficult to play even among gamers?


point worthy of note

The highlight of the show is to see how far Arino, who doesn’t even know the existence of poisonous mushrooms, can go in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Unexpected guests also make an appearance, and the upheaval is not to be missed.


The chief, Shinya Arino, has tried many different games and has repeatedly succeeded and failed.

He has overcome all kinds of setbacks and has cried tears of joy, but the biggest obstacle is about to confront him this time.

It’s Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 2 challenge

About Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 2

The second game in the Super Mario series, released in 1986 for the disc system.

The basic system of the first game was retained, but arranged for a more advanced player.

It was said to be impossible to complete, but its overwhelming difficulty brought tears to the eyes of many players.


Let the challenge begin!

In fact, this time we decided to practice with Super Mario 1 instead of Super Mario 2.

We’ll be playing with the personal belongings of Masayuki Kibe, the great writer who is now a familiar face at Game Center CX.


I don’t know if you can see what this is!

It’s so dirty!

Arino tries his hand at Super Mario Bros. to regain his instincts.

He enjoyed playing while feeling nostalgic.


He suddenly misses the mushroom.

However, he gradually regains his instincts as he continues to operate the machine.

Arino remembers something.

Arino does what he promised to do as a child, and he’s very pleased with himself.


This time, the mission to Arino is infinite multiplication, which was assigned to him in Super Mario Bros.

On the last staircase of 3-1, if you keep flipping the sawtooth over and stepping on it, your score will increase.

In the middle of the game, the repetition of the 1UP begins.

This is a trick you’ll want to learn at all costs when you attack Super Mario 2.

However, no matter how many times I try it, I can’t get it right.

Helping people get involved

As usual, Higashijima enters as a helper.

He decided to show his example.

He plays well, including taking a hidden 1-up that Arino had forgotten about.


You know it, huh?

All they do is play games, huh?

And finally, to infinite multiplication.

Will East Island be able to do it?


What are you doing?

In the end, AD Higashijima couldn’t do infinite multiplication either.

After that, Arino tried again and again, but the infinite multiplication did not go well.

It has been two and a half hours since the location started. They couldn’t stop here any longer.

target change

We decided to change our plans and try to clear the area.


You’ll be hit right away.


Wow, I was in too much of a hurry.

I thought it was the first enemy I’d ever seen.

In the end, game over.


I couldn’t clear it.

This is the final phase of 8-4, a nostalgic one.

The ending screen after defeating Bowser.

It took Higashijima 4 hours to clear it.

To the real Super Mario 2.

We whipped our tired bodies into shape for the real game.

Arino couldn’t even clear Super Mario 1, so will he be able to clear the more advanced version 2?

Arino starts the challenge.


Arino is a very newbie who doesn’t even know that poisonous mushrooms exist.

The road ahead is very difficult.

This time, Arino thinks he can’t fail, so he looks at a strategy book and tries to clear the game.

Then, he discovers that infinite multiplication is possible from 1-1.

But can Arino, who couldn’t do it at all in Super Mario 1, do it in Super Mario 2?

Arino prepares to tear down the wall.

And then…

What a success!


I hope this is all over now.

Arino feels a sense of satisfaction.

But he just added more planes to the remaining planes. He was only at the starting line.

Then the remaining machine display screen showed the crown and an 8.


Did it grow to about 108 planes?

I’m not sure how many more planes I’ve gained, but I cleared 1-1 smoothly and then 1-2.

This is where we get one plane down.


What’s left of the plane to 9!


Why not?

I’m so anxious!


The remaining machines are dwindling and in no time, the game is over.



Why is that~.

Arino reads the strategy book and checks it out.

Then, Arino discovered something.

It said, “By the way, in the NES version, if you crossed 127 planes, it was back to zero.

Due to the overkill of infinite multiplication, the number of planes had gone over 127 and the game had returned to zero.

Once again, Arino had to start over from infinite multiplication.

This time he carefully counted the number of 1UPs and was careful not to go over 127 planes.

Finally, he moved on to the 4th stage.

It was indeed a difficult game.

The difficult phase of the game continued.

Somehow I managed to clear the 4-1…or so I thought.

Arino was sucked into the hole right in front of the goal.



Is there such a thing?

Arino uses the strategy book here to examine the shortest route.

Even on the shortest course, you have to proceed normally to 5-2.

The difficult stages continued.

I consumed 6 planes, but managed to clear 4-2.

In 4-3, the exchange in the air continued. It was a constant struggle.

I managed to clear 4-3 as well.


My thumb hurts so much!

Six hours have passed since the location started.

Finally, they reach 4-4.

However, this is the most difficult part of the game. They couldn’t move forward in any case.

Mentally and physically, Arino is at the end of his rope.

Is he going to give up? Continued? Ka, Arino’s Biggest Pinch!

We finally met Bowser at 4-4.

I was ready to go in with my little Mario. The goal was an amazing goal.

And finally, the fifth stage of the game.

Naturally, the fifth stage is also a difficult stage with many enemies.

But the real enemy was in an unexpected place.

It was a strong wind, which is unique to stage 2.

It took a few tries, but we managed to escape from the strong wind area.

As expected, Arino had mastered a good technique to get out of this stage.

He succeeded in getting the vines to warp from the 5-2 to the 8-side.

He went up to the ground and went to the last 8 planes.

Nine hours had already passed since the game started.

They didn’t have much energy left, but they started to show some energy to face the reality of being so close to the goal.

To tell the truth, Arino is not very good at Hammer Bros.


How many planes do you think they’ll use just for the 8-1?

I was beaten or beaten, but I kept going forward.

The smile of a boy from 18 years ago, who is neither a comedian nor an old man, was there.

Our goal is to get to 8-4.

Will he be able to capture Super Mario Bros. 2?

Finally, a climax.

Eleven hours after the start of the location, we tried 8-2.

This is the most difficult part of the 8-2.

It is to find the hidden goal by yourself.

There is no goal in a normal game.

Arino searches for that goal with his strategy book.

It turns out that you need to get the vines out of the blocks on the Patapata.

What is the method of getting the vines out?

I decided to get on the sawtooth and get the vines out.

But I can’t ride it.

Even if we could, we couldn’t get the vines out.

The next time, he has to go around to the other side to get the vines out safely.

But I could get the vines out, but I couldn’t land on the ground.

I tried again and again, but I just couldn’t get it right.

In the meantime, I was down to three.

There was no more to go.

So, we decided to have an exchange of ideas with AD Higashijima and the composer, Mr. Ogibe.

Ogibe’s idea was that if the interval between the planes was too small, Mario would not be able to return to his original position, so he would fly with more space between the planes.

On the other hand, Higashijima suggested the wall on the left side of the screen as a line, and instead of a triangle jump, he suggested a triangle landing.

In addition, from the moment of the jump, Mario’s body was focused on the right side of the screen.

With three planes left and thirteen hours of filming time, what will be Arino’s fate?

Tension sets in.

What a great success.


It’s done!

Tojima’s plan had succeeded in bringing the vines out beautifully.

Just as we had calculated, we succeeded in making a great triangle descent.

Once up on the top of the mountain, he could take the flag and reach his goal.

But we couldn’t finish.




I’m sorry for the last one.

Unfortunately, this is where we gave up.

An epic 13-hour struggle ended here.

The History of Nintendo Hardware

The history of Nintendo, not only in terms of software, but also in terms of hardware.

Here’s a look back at some nostalgic hardware.

1980 “Game and Watch

It was a huge worldwide hit.

1982 “Multi-Screen

In 1982, the multi-screen Donkey Kong was released and the cross-key was born.

1983 “Family Computer

The NES, which would later become the foundation of video game history, exploded with the introduction of Super Mario.

Shipment of the final model exceeded 60 million units.

1986 “Disk System

A system that allows you to rewrite software for the NES.

1989 “Game Boy

An LCD handheld game console that allows you to enjoy games anywhere, anytime.

1990 “Super Nintendo

New features such as rotation, zooming in and out, and mosaics have been incorporated to expand the scope of the game.

1995 “Virtual Boy

It expresses a complete three-dimensional space that is impossible to achieve on a TV screen.

1996 “NINTENDO64

The world’s first 64-bit CPU.

The controller has a built-in 3D stick.

2001 Game Boy Advance

Simultaneous reproduction of 32,000 vivid colors.

2001 “Nintendo GameCube”.

This is a genuine gaming console that was built to focus solely on playing games.

2003 Game Boy Advance SP

Equipped with a front light and built-in lithium-ion batteries.

A nostalgic Famicom color version was released in 2004.

How to watch the video?

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Arino has tried many action games, but Super Mario Bros. 2 was still a difficult game to tackle.

Will he ever get his revenge someday?