Game Center CX Vol. 2 “Angelic Trois” Koei


The first episode of Game Center CX was well received by Taito.
For the second installment, Arino sneaks into Koei, which is now famous for its Warriors series, to find out what kind of company it is.
What kind of company is it?
Also, the challenge corner following Takeshi’s challenge is a must-see.


point worthy of note

Historical simulation and Koei.
There are many game genres in the world, so why do we care about them?

Also, what did it take to become such a large company in less than 20 years?

One of the highlights of the show is that you can hear a lot of behind-the-scenes stories from famous creators.


Creator’s Interview

Ko Shibusawa (real name: Yoichi Erikawa)

He has produced almost all of Koei’s numerous software titles.

Less than 20 years after the company’s inception, Yoichi Erikawa, a.k.a. Shibusawa Koh, has built the company into a major corporation.

Until recent years, his presence was shrouded in a veil, and many fans were overwhelmed by his presence at his first appearance in 1999.

He is truly a charismatic creator.

About Shibusawa Ko

Born in 1950. His real name is Yoichi Erikawa.

He founded Koei Co. in 1978 and served as president and chairman of the board for 21 years.

Later, he retired from management and was involved in development as a chief advisor.

A Closer Look at Koei’s History

Koei was originally a dye sales company.

He took over his father’s company, but in 1980, he switched to developing games, which he was interested in.

The gaming industry 20 years ago.

At the time, video game software was not widespread and his father had no idea what Shibusawa was all about.

Even personal computers were not widely used at that time, and his father said, “I don’t know if it’s a soft drink or soft-serve ice cream.

He said the time period was when Space Invaders and Heiankyo Aliens started to appear.

His father didn’t think much of it, did he? Arino asks, but he eventually supports me because his day job wasn’t doing so well and it’s what his son wants to do.

I started programming as a hobby.

His hobby of programming with computers at the time led him to a new job at the company.

The computer was a gift from his wife, and it’s still in storage.

The computer was featured in the program.

The model was a Sharp MZ-80C, priced at around 270,000 yen at the time, which in today’s market would be about 50,000 to 600,000 yen.

The first video game I ever made.

The first software programs I made were “The Battle of Kawanakajima” and “Investment Game” in 1981.
The programs for these games were recorded on cassette tapes.

The manual was also made out of a sheet of paper.

At the time, about 80% of the games were sold by mail order.
Customers sent cash envelopes with their purchase requests, and Shibusawa himself would pack them up and send them to them.

Game software that became a turning point

Nobunaga’s Ambition, which was also released on various types of hardware, was a turning point in the game’s success.

Nobunaga’s Ambition

The software that created the foundation of Koei.
Players become a warlord of their choice from the Warring States period and aim to unify the whole country.

In addition to the leader of the pack, where all kinds of tactics are involved, developing land and towns and enriching the national power is also an important element.

This is a game that is truly a classic example of a historical simulation game.

Arino asks, “Why did you choose to create a simulation game instead of the action and shooting games that were the norm at the time?

He was involved in the development of this game when he was in his thirties, and he says he wanted to create a game that he could enjoy thinking about, rather than an action game that required players to compete with each other based on their finger reflexes.

When Nobunaga’s Ambition was completed

When we plan and complete a program, we usually conduct a test play.
Shibusawa also conducted a test play.

Unlike in other games, he raised his hand in the air and was happy when he had conquered the game.

It wasn’t because the program was completed, but rather the sheer joy of having conquered the game, and that was the joy of being a user.

At the time, he said that he originally had an idea of how the game would be completed during the planning stage, but he didn’t think it would be as fun as it was.

The Appeal of Nobunaga’s Ambition

The greatest appeal is the romance of the Warring States period.

This is a groundbreaking work in the sense that it comprehensively covers Japan’s supreme and most heroic period.

Why I chose the Warring States period as my theme.

Many of the characters are simply interesting.

He says he was fascinated by the era that produced many heroes, including Nobunaga, Ieyasu, Hideyoshi, Shingen and Kenshin, among others.

Why make Nobunaga the main character?

Sibsawa explains why he chose Nobunaga as the main character.

Nobunaga was one step short of fulfilling his dream of unifying the nation, but he was unable to do so.
The theme of having the player take Nobunaga’s place in fulfilling his dream was perfect for the gameplay.

Arino then laughed and said, “It’s true that there are quite a few games based on Nobunaga, how much money you’d make if you were alive today!

Why Nobunaga’s Ambition will continue to be loved

The fact that Nobunaga’s Ambition has been a favorite for 20 years is the result of the evolution of the times and the constant evolution of the game to keep up with what satisfies its users.

In Nobunaga’s Ambition Online, you can connect to the internet to play in conjunction with other users while in contact with them.

This is the ultimate evolution of fighting together in the virtual Warring States period.

Nobunaga’s Ambition that even the creators get into

Sibsawa himself is also addicted to Nobunaga’s Ambition and has participated in the online quite a bit.

It’s interesting to note that some users have beaten the creator Shibusawa himself without even knowing it, since they don’t know who he is by his handle.

Sibsawa himself was enjoying the game, saying that because it was online, he was able to hear the voices of the users in person.

Sibsawakou’s favorite movie.

Even in movies, he still liked historicals.
But he also liked science fiction.

If I had to name three, I would say Star Wars, Seven Samurai, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Things that have impressed me recently

When asked by Arino what moved him recently, Shibusawa said he was so moved by the game that he cried.

It was with “Decisive Battle,” a game he created himself.

It seems that as he played the game, he became immersed in the world of the game.

That scene is the very last scene depicting Cao Cao’s final moments.

In contrast to Liu Bei, Cao Cao is a cold-blooded Cao Cao who hates righteousness and compassion and believes only in his own power, but he too has had a painful past.

However, he also has a painful past that he has carried with him.

In his final words to his nemesis, Liu Bei

Make a world that does not produce men like me.

It’s important for creators.

When you start something new, it is natural that there are many things you don’t understand.

It’s very important to have the spirit of challenge to face those difficulties and create something new and interesting.

The rejected project

Once, when we created a game in which players explored the pyramids of Central and South America, there was a novel game in which we put keywords in promotional items such as medals and handkerchiefs and used them to advance the game.

The project was so rich in content that it wasn’t feasible, and the game was abandoned midway through.

Interesting games from other companies

What are some interesting games from other companies from Arino? When asked, he immediately answered that FF is fun.

He has played Final Fantasy Online as well, but “Nobunaga’s Ambition Online” is more fun, which drew a laugh.

What does the game mean to Shibusawa Ko?

Life itself.

It’s as natural as breathing air, and the game has become a part of who you are.

Takashi Tomooike

The man who created the Three Kingdoms Warriors

Born in 1962, he joined Koei in 1988.
He formed the team Omega Force, which was taking on the challenge of a new genre.

He developed the PS version of the fighting game “Sangoku Musou”, and later on he worked on the “Shin Sangoku Musou” series, which became a huge hit.

Later, he worked on the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” series, which became a huge hit.

The Three Kingdoms

A fighting game featuring generals from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
From famous generals like Kanu and Zhang Fei to unexpected characters like Zhou Yu.

Use their weapons to defeat your opponents with their specialties.
You can perform a reversal move called Musou Ranbu (Muso Ranbu) when your energy gauge reaches its maximum with an aggressive attack.

This is an excellent game that breaks down the concept of Koei = simulation.

Shin Megami Tensei 3

Sangoku Warriors has evolved and is now available.
In addition to a more exhilarating experience than the previous game, new elements such as a new warlord creation mode have been added.

With 50 stages, it’s a challenging experience.

Koei has been making historical simulations for a long time.

As a separate genre, a team called Omega Force was formed to create an action piece.

Why did the Three Kingdoms become a theme?

There were many candidates for the theme, but the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was the most suitable for the genre, such as fighting matches, because there are many generals who are said to be strong in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Difficulties with the subject of history.

It was difficult to find a balance between fact and imagination when taking the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as the theme.
If it was all original, deep-seated Romance of the Three Kingdoms fans would not be attracted to it.

Therefore, this work was created to be as factual as possible with some original elements.

Even so, there were complaints such as “the weapons they have are different”.

Commitment to Combat

Based on the theme of one rider against another, I tried to create a composition of other versus other in a way that simulates the entire battlefield from the previous individual versus other.

Favorite Character.

When Tomooike himself was asked what his favorite character was, Arino replied, “Zhao Yun.

When creating the character, it was necessary to have a standard character, but since Zhao Yun has been the standard in every series, the character became attached to him.

Strongest character.

Who is the strongest character from Arino? When asked, Tomoike immediately replied, “Lu Bu”.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the name Lu Bu was associated with outstanding military prowess, and he left it as it was.

Weakest character.

In contrast, when I was asked which characters were weak, I answered, with some difficulty, that military strategists such as Ishima Shiba I and Zhuge Liang Shokatryo would inevitably be in the weak category.

Even in the game, military strategists who fight with fans rather than swords or spears will inevitably be weaker, and I was able to use the beam to balance the game.

Shin Sangoku Musou 3’s backstage moves

Up until Shin Sangoku Warriors 2, the game was created with a backstory, but in 3, they didn’t include a backstory.

However, he tells us that there was a bug in an unexpected place that turned out to be a subterfuge.

Tomooike vs. Arino

The popularity of Sangoku Warriors was spurred by the existence of a heated battle mode where you can play with friends.

Tomoike himself said he wasn’t that good, but he started the game.

Tomooike said he didn’t have it in him, but that’s the creator of the game.
Arino was unable to win, even using the strongest Lu Bu.

What does the game mean to Takazumi Tomoike?

It is a “game” created by the creator and the player in unison.

Other Interviews

Chimi Matsushita (Publicity Department)

In addition to Shibusawa and Tomoike, Arino also interviewed a man named Matsushita from the Advertising Department.
The reason for this interview was that he had expressed an interest in Koei’s unique “Angelique” game.

Koei’s unique work

Koei has been producing historical simulation games for a long time, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a game software for women? So we decided to create the game with a team that was also staffed by women.

Angelique Trois

Released in 2000 for the PS2, Angelique Trois is a romance simulation game for women that features many beautiful men.

The game’s unique worldview, which tickles women’s hearts, has gradually spread by word of mouth and has become one of Koei’s most popular software titles.

Why it was a big hit.

The main reason for this is that it allows women to fall in love in a way that they don’t get to experience on a daily basis in a game.

Related goods are also very popular.

The related goods were also very popular, with many of them being sold out.

Arino was surprised by the most expensive of these goods.

That was the fact that there were accessories that cost 200,000 yen.

Koei Company Tour

Development Office

Arino walks around Koei to investigate.
Arino says it’s a very clean office and everyone is wearing slippers.

Compared to Taito’s office on the last episode, it looks like a typical office with no game cabinet and a row of computers.

athletic gym

The company also has an in-house gym for training.
I wondered how much they train, and when Arino also used the state of the art equipment installed, it was too heavy for him to lift it even once.


Oh, no! You’re a powerful guy who makes games!


Koei also had a courtyard inside the company, where the floor was decorated with mosaic art that reflected Nobunaga’s face when viewed from above.

It was an impressive piece of art that would become the starting point of Koei, a place where Nobunaga’s face could be seen from above.

Challenge Angelique.

Arino challenges Angelique, a woman who enjoys an unrealistic love affair with a man.
Will she be able to understand women’s mindset and bring love to fruition?

The player takes on the role of Queen “Angelique” and cultivates the continent as she fosters relationships with various men as she navigates her way through a succession of crises.

A little shyly, Arino becomes addicted to the worldview.

The first time a man likes her, Arino goes on her first date with ‘Viktor’.

As soon as she complimented Viktor, his sensitivity increased, and Arino smiled and said “Viktor is so easy”.

While Arino was enjoying her romance with various men, one person appeared in her life that she was interested in.

That man’s name is “Ceylan”.

And Arino is practically confessed by Ceylan.

After that, Ceylan persistently asks her out, and Arino continues to go on dates with him.

Finally, they go to the ending screen where they decide who to confess their love to.


You can live as a job and a queen, or you can live with a man.

You’re all good men. What should I do?

Angelique is brave enough to confess her feelings.


Oh my God, I was dumped.


When you’re at the point of tremendous regret, you’re so addicted to it.

You’re shy.

Koei Masterpiece Collection

Koei Masterpieces 1

1988 “Sangokushi” NES

With five scenarios based on the novel’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, players control the monarch of their choice in an attempt to control the Three Kingdoms of China and unify the country.

A total of 255 warlords appear in this game, which is a must-have for Romance of the Three Kingdoms fans.

1989 “Blue Wolf and White Doe Genghis Khan” (NES)

Genghis Khan, the hero who laid the foundation of the Yuan Dynasty, dreamed of world domination.
In the world version, Richard I of England and Minamoto Yoritomo of Japan can also be played.

Together with Nobunaga’s Ambition and Sangokushi, it is called the Koei Trilogy and is immensely popular with fans.

1990 “Suikoden” NES

A long-awaited game adaptation of one of the four great Chinese books of fiction, a long novel based on the Ming Dynasty.
The game consists of four scenarios, and can be played by up to seven players.

Koei Masterpieces 2

1990 “Top Management” NES

A game where you choose one of five companies and lead them to the top of their industry.

Raising funds from banks. Attractive gameplay that is comparable to the real world, including the extraction of human resources by top hunters.


You can listen to music with a sound test.

On the screen where the manufacturer’s name is displayed, press and hold the “A” and “B” buttons on Controller I.

1991 “The Age of Exploration” NES

As the title suggests, the film depicts the Age of Discovery.
You can experience that era as a navigator, fighting naval battles with pirates and trading at ports.

This is Koei’s best game in terms of the freedom to play without being limited by objectives.

1991 “Lampert Rule” NES

The hero, Napoleon, is the main character in this orthodox historical simulation.
The setting is Europe in the 19th century.

You can feel the atmosphere of those days.


Loyalty increases at the ball.

As a commander, if you continue to select “Rest” on command, a ball will be held in that city once every few times.

1991 “Royal Blood” NES

A fantasy simulation built in a virtual world.
Collect six gems and a crown scattered in the world and aim to become the king of 30 countries.

The monster events are one of the attractions of the game.


I can take your advice.

When selecting a command, press the up or down button on the crosshairs beforehand.

When selecting a command, press the up or down button on the crosshairs beforehand.

A game that was very popular on the PC is now on the Game Boy.
The goal of the game is to protect a cake from cockroaches.

It is a challenging game that requires a high level of tactics, despite its appearance.

Koei Masterpieces (3)

1998 “Motonari Mori, The Three Arrows of the Oath” (PS)

You become Motonari Motonari and his grandson, Terumoto, and expand the territory of the Mori family.
The game features a scenario where you follow each battle faithfully to achieve victory conditions.

Diligent information gathering is the key to victory.

2000 MAHJONG Tournament III: Millennium League (PS2)

This is the latest in a popular series that previously featured historical figures.
This time, a modern-day person with a rich personality becomes a rival and a heated battle unfolds.

The various settings allow players to enjoy the various rules of the game.

2000 “The Decisive Battle” PS2

Kou Shibusawa appeared at the presentation.
This is a strategy simulation game that has attracted a lot of attention.

From the Battle of Sekigahara to the Summer Battle of Osaka, players take the role of either the Eastern Army or the Western Army and take command of the battles that progress in real time.

Contrary to history, it is possible to let the West win the battle.

2001 “Taiko Ritsuden IV” PS2

Known as “Taikou”, this game is part of the popular series featuring Hideyoshi.

You can play as all the warlords, including Hideyoshi, and master a number of professions, including becoming a ninja.

Koei Masterpiece Introduction 4

2002 “Far Away in Time and Space 2” PS2

A high school girl ‘Hanashi’ is in a different world, ‘Kyo’, where she is in love with a beautiful boy and battles with a grudge against a ghost who is after Kyo.

The limited edition, which comes with a clear card, is now at a premium.

2002 “The Admiral’s Decision IV” PS2

A warsimulation game set in World War II.

Players take on the role of a Japanese, American, British or German naval admiral to expand their country’s sea control.

The battles are played out in 3D in this game.

2002 “Gee One Jockey 3” PS2

A horse racing action game in which you control a racehorse as if you were the jockey.

The game is well-balanced with an emphasis on development and the fun of tactics.

With more than 100 real-life jockeys and 6,000 horses, as well as a total of 29 racetracks in Japan and abroad, this is a game that fans will love.

2003 “Winning Post 6” PS2

A popular horse racing simulation game.

The Dream Mode allows players to train their own horses and compete against famous horses of all time.

You can even use data from G1 jockeys.

Creator Quotes

The creators who are featured on the show have a different mindset from the general public to begin with.
Listening to their stories will help you in many ways.

Shibusawa Co.

Life itself.

Tomoike Takashi Jun

It is a “game” created by the creator and the player in unison.

To watch the GCCX video

DVD/CDの宅配レンタル【TSUTAYA DISCAS】 今なら無料でお試し!「ゲオ宅配レンタル」

Arino’s summary


Koei is well known for its historical simulations.

I thought they were getting broader and broader, with games for beautiful boys and action games.

More than that, I was surprised to learn that Shibusawa-san and Tomoike-san are actually participating in Nobunaga’s Ambition Online, hiding their names.

Well, I guess games are meant to be played.