Game Center CX Challenge #6: “Astro Robo SASA


This time, Arino challenges Astro Robo SASA released by ASCII.

Can Arino clear the game, which was so difficult to operate that few people could clear it at the time?


point worthy of note

The challenge of Astro Robo SasA, an action shooting game that was considered to be quite difficult, is packed with exciting and exciting highlights.

Can his helper, Higashishima, help Arino?

Astrobo SASA challenge

Now the challenge is on!

Astrobo SASA

The first shooting game released by ASCII for the Famicom (NES).

The goal of the game is to move the main character, SASA, and collect all the energy packs on the stage.

The game is over when you run out of energy.

It was a hotly debated game at the time due to the difficulty of the controls.

Finally, Arino challenges Astro Robo SASA.




Arino’s challenge this time is to complete all 16 stages and see the phantom ending screen, which was said to be impossible at the time.

The most difficult part of this game is the controls.

The game takes some time to get used to, as you move with the recoil of the beam cannon that SASA fires, so shooting left will move you to the right, and shooting down will move you up.



You’re good.

Arino, having played the game in the past, manages to complete the stages with ease.

And then the now-familiar flag line is released for the first time, in anticipation of the now-familiar long run.

However, Arino, who was still in a hurry, was confronted with a big obstacle.

The undersea stage, which begins on the 10th plane, is even more difficult to navigate as the current and the buoyancy of the ocean make it even more difficult to move.

The undersea stage was a setback for many users at the time.

Arino was also stuck in a ditch, wasting bullets.

He wastes more and more energy on this stage.

Arino thought that wasting bullets is strictly forbidden in the attack, so he decided to save energy.

If the number of bullets reaches zero, the game is over.

The key point is how to save energy without wasting bullets until they reach the bottom of the sea, which is said to be the most critical point.


This might work.

Arino showed some leeway, but he just couldn’t get past the surface of the ocean floor.



Two hours had already passed since the start.

The smile disappeared from Arino’s face.

And then…

Arino wants to clear the game at all costs, so he calls AD Higashijima to help him out and starts playing again.

This game can be played by two players at the same time.

In that case, you can double the amount of energy packs you take, and you can also share your energy with your opponent in a pinch.

Two players have a definite advantage in this game.

At this point, Arino has AD Higashijima open a wall and seize the energy.

Arino picks up the energy by the roots, and Higashijima asks him to share some of it, but Arino is mean to him.

They regain their composure and head for the undersea stage under the cooperation of the two men.

Then, they go to the surface of the ocean floor.

AD Higashijima, not wanting to be a part of this, entrusts all his energy to Arino and blows himself up.

At this point, Arino has 1,600 energy, more than twice as much as when he was on his own.

Can he really capture it?

Arino is steadily breaking down the wall.

He can’t let this opportunity pass him by.

And finally.

Now it’s time to enter the unknown zone, Stage 13.

What’s next on the ocean floor?




Arino doesn’t know what’s going on.



This side is interesting!

However, contrary to his feelings, Arino keeps attacking the enemy.

Finally, the game is over.


You’ve been working so hard!

We just crossed an ocean.

Arino, on page 13, gave up.


If we get to space, I wonder what’s next?

Where will we go?

Arino was unable to clear it, but according to Higashijima, the next aspect of the universe was a black hole.

How to watch the video?

DVD/CDの宅配レンタル【TSUTAYA DISCAS】 今なら無料でお試し!「ゲオ宅配レンタル」


This time, Arino challenged a difficult game, Astro Robo SASA.

He said he might be able to go home early, but he managed to collect the flag and made it tough.

With Higashijima’s help, I managed to break through the ocean floor and advance through the stage into space, but I ran out of steam and the game was over.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete the challenge.