Game Center CX #3 “Tekki” Capcom


Ever since taking on the challenge of creating the “Devil’s Village” game, Arino himself has been aware of the fact that there are many difficult games at Capcom.

What kind of creators are at Capcom, the company that gave us Mega Man, Resident Evil, and other hugely popular titles in the series?

It’s also a sight to behold, with Tekki challenging himself on a giant screen the size of a movie theater.


point worthy of note

Capcom has created some of the most popular games of all time, including Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Onimusha.

We take a look at the creators behind these games.

We can’t stop looking at Tekki’s challenge of creating a giant controller.


Creator’s Interview

Keiji Inafune

The creator of the hugely popular “Mega Man” series.

Mega Man series

“Mega Man.

An action game in which Mega Man, transformed into a fighting robot, stands alone to stop Dr. Wiley’s ambitions for world domination.

With its lovable characters and high level of perfection, it has become popular with children.

Mega Man X.

In line with the evolution of the hardware from the NES Mega Man series, Mega Man X not only improved the graphics but also refined the content of the game.

It has a more sci-fi feel than the previous Mega Man games, with a harder storyline and more power-ups with parts, and many other new features.

Mega Man X

Mega Man EXE has evolved even further to fit in with the Game Boy Advance.

Its popularity is not limited to video games, but it has also been made into manga and anime, and has become popular with boys in particular.

About Keiji Inafune

Born in 1965 in Osaka, Japan.
President of Capcom’s second development company.

Joined Capcom as a designer in 1987.

Participated in the development of “Mega Man” as a character designer from the time he joined the company.

Later on, he worked on the “Mega Man EXE” series and “Onimusha” series as a producer.

And to the producer.

Inafune says, “I wasn’t satisfied with just design.

He became involved in various departments, including planning, and before he knew it, he was put in charge of a leadership role.

Before he knew it, he found pleasure in the work of organizing the team and became a producer.

Another factor was the fact that more and more junior designers were joining the team, and it was hard to say that he was better at design alone.

Mega Man Tip.

The hint for the design of Mega Man was from anime like Astro Boy and Mazinger Z that he watched as a child.

Indeed, the large, massive legs seem to be inspired by Mazinger Z.

Who is your favorite character?

Inafune says that he likes Zero, an indispensable character in the Mega Man X series.

In fact, when we were working on a new series called Mega Man X, we came up with a new design, and the result was Zero.

However, Inafune felt that his bosses and others would dismiss him as being too far removed from the rounded Mega Man, so he proposed it as a “sub character”.

However, Zero’s popularity grew with each successive series, and eventually Inafune was able to create a film called “Mega Man Zero”.

Inafune was able to create a film called Mega Man Zero, and it was a welcome surprise.

Hand-drawn designs.

It may have been a while, but Inafune is asked by Arino to write Mega Man by hand.

Inafune says, “It might turn out to be an imposter,” but that’s the man who created Mega Man, and he has a solid Mega Man in there.

The slump?

It was a popular series, but can we continue with Mega Man in the same way? There were many times when he thought that he could not do it.

However, when he saw the children having fun at events, he realized that it was not a mistake and he was able to get out of his slump.

Inafune also continues to interview me about Onimusha.

Inafune is also the producer of Onimusha.


3D action game, Onimusha

Akechi Zamanosuke rides into a castle controlled by a demon to save the kidnapped Snow Princess.

The first-class creators from all walks of life have come together to produce this unprecedentedly entertaining film, which has become a hit in Japan and abroad.

The film was a hit not only in Japan, but also abroad, and was a million seller.

Opportunity to be made

Inafune was originally involved in the non-production aspects of the game as a producer on Resident Evil 2.

At the time, Inafune thought that if he could do everything from planning to production, he might be able to create something else that would be interesting.

And just as he thought, Inafune created a piece of software.

That was to become “Onimusha”.

However, Inafune, who had only ever made Mega Man, was concerned that it would be considered unproven in the eyes of the public, and that his work might not be accepted.

Therefore, Inafune decided to propose a Sengoku version of Resident Evil.

Inafune’s idea for a Sengoku version of Resident Evil was a rejected Resident Evil project called “Resident Evil 1.5”, which led to the creation of a Sengoku version of Resident Evil.

As we’ll see in a later interview, Inafune was able to evolve what was an entirely rejected project in the making of Resident Evil 2 into the blockbuster game, Onimusha.

The appointment of Takeshi Kaneshiro

Inafune was inspired to make a game after the rejected film was released, but he felt that the theme of a Sengoku version of Resident Evil alone was not enough to make it a hit.

That’s when he decided to cast a real-life actor as the main character.

Takeshi Kaneshiro also participates in the game.

Takeshi Kaneshiro, who is well known for his love of video games, not only modeled for Akechi Zamanosuke, but also participated in the production of the game as the brain behind it.

In fact, Takeshi Kaneshiro himself directed the scenes in which Akechi Zamanosuke’s alter ego appears and confronts him, including his attack methods and appearances.

Draft title

How did what was originally a Warring States biohazard turn into a demon warrior?

There was a request for a word that could be associated with “this game is from the Warring States period” or “it’s a samurai game,” using only Chinese characters, so we combined the word “demon” which is associated with a monster and the word “samurai” which is associated with a samurai to create “demon warrior”.

Rejected Title.

Onimusha became a very popular series, but there was also a different title plan.

It was a combination of the word “oni” which reminds you of a monster and the word “slash” which reminds you of a slash, just like Onimusha, and it was to be called “Onikiri”.

Nowadays, Roronoa Zoro from One Piece uses it as a cool special move, but if it weren’t for that, it would be associated with “Omusubi” and was rejected as uncool.

insistence on sound

In particular, the sound of slashing was made with the utmost care to make it feel like a real cut.

Furthermore, by giving the controller different sizes of vibrations when you slash, they were able to make it look as real as possible.

As a reference, I was able to obtain samples of the sound of slashing with a sword and walking on a tree at Toei and Uzumasa.

However, as far as the swords are concerned, there was no “buzzing” sound when the swords were actually cut, but without that “buzzing” sound, they cannot be used as a cutting sound.

About Onimusha 2
2002 “Onimusha 2” PS2

Onimusha was highly acclaimed around the world.

Production of the sequel, Onimusha 2, has been decided and development has begun.

Modeled on Yusaku Matsuda.

Background of Appointment

When we were working on 2, we wondered if it would be possible to create a different topic of conversation than we had been talking about, so we thought, “Why not use the same actors, but not the ones we have now? That’s when he thought about it.

Among the many great actors that existed, Yusaku Matsuda was the one who had a huge impact on Inafune.

Negotiating for appearances…

Naturally, since the actor is now deceased, he has to negotiate with another person.

That person was his spouse, Miyuki Matsuda.

However, he couldn’t make a decision due to his lack of knowledge about the game.

Just then, someone appears to support her decision to appear in the game.

That person is Matsuda Yusaku’s son, MATSUDA Ryuhei.

As Ryuhei Matsuda is also a fan of video games, he encourages Miyuki Matsuda that “video games are very popular nowadays,” and this is how she was chosen to appear in Onimusha 2.

About Onimusha Muyoiden

Onimusha Muyenden, which became a competitive game, was a game software that was designed to allow parents to play games with their children, with appearances by famous samurai and others they knew.

Arino and Inafune face off in Onimusha Muyoiden

Arino chose Miyamoto Musashi and Inafune chose Akechi Zamanosuke, and the game started.

Back and forth they went back and forth, but Arino won the game against the producer.

What does the game mean to Inafune?

It’s a dream come true for me and my fans.

Inafune enjoys creating games himself, but it is typical of him to always think of the players.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi

The creator of Resident Evil.


A survival horror film in which Chris and Jill, members of the special forces team STARS, escape from a western-style house where zombies are on the prowl.

Its popularity crossed oceans and sold 3.6 million copies worldwide.

In Resident Evil 2, the storyline expands to the city and the battle against zombies becomes even more fierce.

The game’s storyline was deeper than ever.

Then, Resident Evil 0, released on the GameCube, showed a thorough attention to detail, along with improved graphics, to highlight the horror of the game.

Additionally, it introduced a new system called partner zapping.

The game also evolves as an action game.

About Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Born in 1972 in Nagoya, Japan.

President of Capcom’s Fourth Development Company.

In 1995, he joined Capcom and worked on “Resident Evil” and “Resident Evil 2” as a programmer.

After working as a planner, he worked as a producer on the Resident Evil series and Devil May Cry.

Later on, he worked on the development of Resident Evil 4 and other games.

Bio Origins

The game was originally based on the Famicom (NES) game “Sweet Home”, which was a tie-in with the movie “Sweet Home” by Itami Juzo.

sweet home

The original Resident Evil game for the NES.

Despite its small size, it was a high quality game and served as a hint for the development of Resident Evil on the NES.

Bio Reputation.

When it was released, the reception was actually mixed.

Some of the rest of the team said they wouldn’t sell this game, while others said they would buy it.

He says that no one expected it to be this big of a hit.

Hit Factors

Kobayashi attributes the biggest reason for the hit to “the triumph of persistence”.

One of the reasons for this was to recreate the sound of the shells flying and falling after firing the gun.

The filmmakers’ unrelenting attention to detail was the key to making Resident Evil a hit.

The existence of Bio 1.5

By the time of the second Resident Evil film, there was an unknown work of art.

It was called “Resident Evil 1.5” by those involved in its production, and was actually sent out into the world with an unexpected change after this one.

It was evolved into Onimusha by Mega Man creator Inafune, as I mentioned above.

That work was also a huge hit.

Production of Bio 2

They were working on Resident Evil 1.5 as Resident Evil 2, but it would be aborted if the content wasn’t good enough.

desire to have fun

Resident Evil 2 also included hidden elements, such as the fact that if you examine Wesker’s desk 50 times, you’ll find a negative of Rebecca’s photo.

What does a game mean to Hiroyuki Kobayashi?

I’ve been playing NES and the like since elementary school, so “life itself

Atsushi Inaba

The creator of Ace Attorney.

reversal trial

Become the lawyer ‘Ryuichi Narubodo’ and save your client who is falsely accused of a crime and win his acquittal from the worst possible situation in this courtroom battle game.

Using all the information collected in the detective part, he must point out the lies and inconsistencies of witnesses in the courtroom part to get to the truth.

About Atsushi Inaba

Born in 1971 in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Head of Capcom’s Ninth Development Department.

After joining Capcom as a developer of “Resident Evil”, he was involved in the “Ace Attorney” series, “Tekki” and “Viewtiful Joe” as a producer.

Inaba, who is often said to look young, is the same age as Arino.

What are the hints for Atsushi Inaba Ace Attorney? regarding

He didn’t have any specific inspiration for the production of Ace Attorney.

It was originally a project that had been kept in the dark by the staff who directed it, and the story that had been in the pipeline for seven years blossomed at once here.

A real trial tour.

During production, the entire staff went to observe an actual trial, and the real trial was unexpectedly tense.

We often hear the phrase “It’s significant! There was no sense of urgency at all, as if to say, “Well, that was a bit of a statement.

How did the naming come about?

The title of the game was also initially not Ace Attorney, but rather “Survivor”, a cross between survival and trial.

The original planning documents also had “Survivor” on the cover.

You can see that the characters were also designed differently.

Later on, the name was changed because of the need to make an impact.

The theme of the game is to turn the tables on a disadvantageous situation in the courtroom, and we decided to combine the important elements of “reversal” and “trial” to create the title “Ace Attorney”.

Creating a Scenario

The director (director) was the sole creator of the scenario.

It takes about a month to a month and a half to structure one chapter.

That’s 4 chapters, which gives us about 6 months to create the scenario.

Furthermore, the game had to be incorporated into the game, so the game was created in about a year’s time.

The appeal of software

Inaba says that the appeal of this game is that it’s a game that adults can play.

Inaba says the appeal of this game is that it’s not just for gamers, and even those who enjoy reading and watching movies can easily get into it.

And the voice actor?

Ace Attorney includes dialogues by voice actors at key points in the game.

Surprisingly, the voice actors are all staff members involved in the game’s production.

Among them, the main character, Ryuichi Narubodo, is voiced by the director himself.

Even more surprisingly, the voice of ‘Karima’ that appears in Ace Attorney 2 is voiced by Inaba’s secretary.

At this point, Arino was shocked to find out that his secretary was more of his own age than a voice actor.

Beautiful Joe.
Beautiful Joe.


How it was created.

The earliest concept was to have a hero in red, which was a given.

Also, the game was originally going to be called Pose Man, and the plan was to have the heroes strike a pose, and when they posed, the enemies would flinch, so they would punch them down.

15 people to make software.

Beautiful Joe was produced by a small group of about 15 people.

Arino isn’t that familiar with game production, so he thought that 15 people was a lot of people to work with.

However, according to Inaba, modern games such as Capcom’s Resident Evil and Onimusha, for example, involve 50-60 core members, for a total of 100 people.

So, in the case of Beautiful Joe, 15 people is a pretty small number.

The production budget was also in the millions.

Design is an instant decision.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to draw Japanese heroes with a strong American comics-style touch? And the design was decided almost from the planning stage.

A character with a design obsession is a quick decision.

When Inaba was asked about his particular character, he mentioned an exception, a small fish enemy.

It looked like a fighter-like character, like a shocker from Kamen Rider.

Then Arino, who had good instincts, immediately guessed.

That’s because he appears on the screen the most.

Why Slow was born.

Originally, during production, we used a slow-moving tool to check the movements of the characters, and I thought it would be interesting to use it as is. And it was adopted.

As soon as the design was ready as a draft and they came up with the idea for Slow, they knew the game was going to be a hit.

Coincidence created the “slow” in VFX Power.

Later on, the skills of “Max Speed” and “Zoom” were also created, and the game was quickly put on track for completion.

Helicopter difficulties

The “helicopter battle” that appears early in the game rapidly increases in difficulty.

It’s something that the creators have improved over time as they continue to play, and before they know it, it’s become harder and harder, as they need to increase the difficulty a bit more.

He also said that was something to reflect on.

What does the game mean to Inaba?

“The medicinal business of laughter and enrichment.

Other Interviews

Challenge the Iron Horseman

2002 “Tekki” X box

This time the challenge was the Tekki, which at the time was the subject of a special controller that cost 20,000 yen.
It used 40 buttons, two control levers and three foot pedals.

As a rookie pilot assigned to an elite unit of a national coalition organization, you take control of a vertical tank in this action-and-control simulator.

It’s the kind of romance that you’ll never get to experience in any other game.

Interview with Inaba ahead of his Tekki challenge

How the Iron Horse was developed

Before we started development, we had a theme in mind.

That theme was “a huge controller”.

From there, we thought it would be interesting to make a controller so huge that the person who held it would feel like they were in a cockpit. and Iron Horse was produced.

The hard work of creating a giant controller

Naturally, since this was a home console game, the cost was limited.

However, when they began production, the cost was much higher than they had expected, and the selling price was revealed to be 69,800 yen.

What’s more, the first thing Inaba wanted to make was a controller made entirely of steel, which weighed over 20kg, so he gave up on the project.

Naturally, since it would no longer be intended for the general public, various parts were cut, including the materials.

The Appeal of the Iron Horse

Inaba says it’s truly a man’s dream.

Because the game was so popular that it brought out maniacs, even Arino knew how great it was.

There were even maniacs who spent more than 1 million yen to decorate their homes with various decorations such as projectors.

The controller is now available!

When Tekki’s most distinctive feature, the controller, made its appearance, Arino was very excited.

That’s no surprise, as the box was a real man’s dream, sprawling across his desk and looking many times larger than the game’s hardware.

The 40+ buttons are all meaningful, a frightening specification.

There’s also an “emergency escape button” with a lid, often seen in manga and anime, that you can press in case of an emergency, and if you miss it, the game is over and you won’t be able to save the game.

Challenge the Iron Horseman

Take advantage of Fuji TV’s Multi-Theater, and let’s go Iron Horse!

Finally, the battle begins.
Arino’s first challenge is mission 0.

It’s a stage for beginners to get used to the controls, and you’ll need to destroy the enemies that attack one after another to clear it.

First, you have to leave the warehouse.

It’s a good start to the listing, as you take a hit from an enemy, but you quickly fight back.

However, Arino falls over due to the unfamiliar controls.

Arino is fond of “Washing”, an operation that washes the screen for him, but in the meantime, he makes the mistake of getting killed.

Then Arino quickly presses the “emergency escape button”.


The game was over and we had to start over from the beginning.

After that, 4 hours have passed since the start.

I got used to the controls and completed mission 2 smoothly.

The next stage, mission 3, is a difficult stage where you have to cross the river and control the center of the city.

While distracted by the radio, he is destroyed, but barely escapes.

He falls over several times after that, but he doesn’t give up and continues to try.

After many attempts, he comes to be able to handle the radio contact successfully.

Arino is completely absorbed in the world of the Iron Horse.

Finally, on the 18th attempt, he successfully completes the mission.


Iron Horse, it’s very interesting.

But I don’t think it would be fun at all without this controller.

But when that guy (Inaba) said he wanted to make it out of steel, well…

If you make it out of steel, people will still buy it.

Capcom Masterpiece Collection

Capcom Masterpieces 1

1985 “1942” NES

Capcom’s first NES game.

The player controls the P38 Lightning, which was feared as the “Catamaran Demon” during the Pacific War, and destroys the enemy.

While this game could be considered the starting point of vertical scrolling shooters, it also included many innovative ideas such as somersaults and optional escort planes.

1986 “Son Son” NES

Son Son Son, aka Son Goku, and Tonton, aka Piggy, from Journey to the West, join forces to rescue Sanzang Hoshi, the kidnapped Buddhist priest.

In the side-scrolling screen which is divided into several sections, players must attack the enemies by jumping from one level to another while assessing the situation.

The two-player co-op game offers an even more intense gameplay experience.


You’ll be invincible.

While on the title screen, press and hold the bottom of the crosshair button on Controller II, press the “A” button on Controller I 36 times, the “B” button 6 times, and the “A” button 10 times to start.

1986 “Makai Mura” (NES)

Arthur, a warrior in armor, travels to a magical village to save a princess kidnapped by the Great Demon King.

The game’s high level of difficulty has attracted many players and has sold a million copies.


You can select the stage.

When the title screen is displayed, press the “B” button three times while holding down the right side of the controller.

Press the “B” button three times, once on the top, then press the “B” button three times.

Press “B” three times while pressing left once, then press “B” three times, then press start.

1986 “Wolf of the Battlefield” (NES)

In this action-shooting game, Super Joe, a specially trained soldier, rides into the battlefield to suppress a fierce guerrilla war that takes place deep in the jungle.

The game’s light music and fast-paced gameplay made it a huge hit with adults.

1986 “Battle Cry” (NES)

An action game in which the main character, Ryu, battles to save the end of the century ruled by an evil army led by the Sword King.

The unique worldview that attracted users at the time is still talked about by many fans as a memorable game to this day.

Capcom Masterpieces 2

1990 “Final Fight” Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

An action game in which a father, Hagar, and her boyfriend, Cody, face off against the evil Legion of Mad Gear in order to save their beloved daughter, Jessica.

Sparked in the arcades and later ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The exhilarating feeling of defeating the enemy was a huge hit.


Taking down the enemy while they’re still moving.

Punch the enemy twice, turning away and flailing one backwards.

Repeat this action.

1990 “2010 Street Fighter” NES

A 6-stage action game in which the protagonist fights criminals in order to discover the secrets of his body.

The sci-fi atmosphere of the world and the detailed and realistic action are very impressive.

1992 “Street Fighter II” Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This is the gold standard for competitive fighting action games that became a social phenomenon due to its explosive popularity.

Each player chooses one of eight Butoh masters with original special moves and aims to become the world’s strongest.


Same character battle commands

While “CAPCOM” appears on the title screen, quickly type down, R, up, L, Y, B, X, and A, in that order.

1993 “Breath of Fire” Super Nintendo Entertainment System

A role-playing game in which Ryu, a boy of the White Dragon tribe, continues his journey to defeat the Black Dragon tribe.

He makes use of the special abilities of the friends he encounters on his journey to move forward.

One of the attractions of the game is the storyline, as well as the BGM that changes depending on the situation.


Chun-Li Chun-Li from “Strike II

Talk to the person in the top left corner of the house in the town of darkness.

Select “Yes” for all questions.

‘Okyou-san! Look at that! Should I… Should I look at that? If you get the message “No” twice, choose “No” twice and then choose “Yes” a third time.

1993 “Breath of Fire” Superfa 1994 “Muscle Bummer” Super Nintendo Con

A professional wrestling game in which 10 wrestlers battle to the death using more than 130 different techniques to determine the Master of Muscle Bomber, the strong man of destiny.

The game became the talk of the town at the time because of the character design by Tetsuo Hara, famous for Fist of the North Star.


All Character’s Hidden Technique Commands

Grabbing your opponent from the front, press B and Y at the same time under the cross button.

1999 “Dino Crisis” PS

This is an adventure game in which players aim to escape from an arcane isolated island by solving numerous riddles and gimmicks while battling the dinosaurs who have risen from the dead.

The realistic visuals of the dinosaurs have attracted many fans.

Capcom Masterpieces (3)

2001 “Devil May Cry” PS2

A 3D action game in which Dante, a demoness with human and demon blood, fights with a sword and two guns to defeat the armies of the demon world that have been resurrected after 2000 years.

When you complete a mission, the story progresses, and when you clear the mission, your rank is displayed and your bonus points are different according to the total amount of time and other factors.

2002 “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” PS2

A game adaptation of the popular manga by Hirohiko Araki.

An action-adventure game in which players use the hero’s special ability, Stand, to investigate the enemy’s abilities and find out their weaknesses.

2003 “Grand Theft Auto III” PS3

The much-talked-about software, which has sold 8 million copies around the world, has finally arrived in Japan.

Players take on the role of a thug who specializes in car thievery and complete missions at various requests.

The secret of the game’s popularity is the high degree of freedom that allows you to use any means and method you choose.

Creator Quotes

Keiji Inafune

It’s a dream come true for me and my fans.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Life itself.

Atsushi Inaba

“The medicinal business of laughter and enrichment.

How to watch the video?

DVD/CDの宅配レンタル【TSUTAYA DISCAS】 今なら無料でお試し!「ゲオ宅配レンタル」

Arino’s summary


Wow, we met a lot of people today.

From Mega Man to Onimusha to Resident Evil, it’s amazing that they’re making software for a wide range of users.

Devil May Cry is great, and it’s a company that specializes in survival adventure type stuff.

The thing that shocked me the most when I came here was that Inaba-san is the same age as me and he has a secretary.